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NEW YORK- 1-on-1 client, boxer

I started working with Jesse during my freshman year of college. I played baseball and trained everyday with weights and functional movements, then I took on 1-on-1 training at Newport Boxfit. It transformed my fitness, confidence and overall athletic ability.


Jesse made it a point to never yell or get frustrated with missteps I had during training. Working with him was rewarding and he was great at pushing me to my physical and mental limits. I trained with him 2 to 3 days a week and improved my fitness and boxing ability. During my senior year of college, I went on to compete in a few bouts and started training 5 days a week with Jesse. The level of boxing he teaches is unmatched by other boxing trainers, he teaches you how to win and builds off of your style.


A few years later, I opened my own Boxing studio in NY. Jesse helped me tremendously with setting up the space, the style of training and giving me information that only gym owners know. Even though I’m not living in Newport anymore Jesse and I stay in contact. I hope to train with him for future fights. Jesse is more than a trainer to me, he's a great person and friend. 

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