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With Kimberly

We have partnered with Kimberly Jones of KM Nutrition Fit, a seasoned nutritionist and personal trainer, to delve deeper into the realm of optimal nutrition and effective ways to maintain peak physical condition. Kimberly boasts certifications as a nutritionist, personal trainer, and lactation counselor, backed by her academic achievement of a BS in culinary nutrition from Johnson & Wales University. With a diverse background spanning clinical nutrition, sports nutrition, adolescent and infant nutrition, postpartum and prenatal nutrition, public health nutrition, nutrition therapy, and nutrition education, Kimberly brings a wealth of expertise to the table.

Explore the video below to discover more about her business, and peruse our blog posts for invaluable nutritional insights.


Contact Kimberly


P: 401-207-1095



8 Week Workout & Nutrition Program

We've teamed up with KM Nutrition Fit to bring you, FitFuel, an 8-week workout and nutrition program that promises results. KM Nutrition Fit has been instrumental in assisting our fighters with weight management for fight preparation. Whether it's the challenge of shedding 100 pounds in under three months or the need to trim those final few pounds before fight night, KM Nutrition Fit has consistently delivered results. Witnessing the remarkable transformations in our fighters, we've made the decision to extend this opportunity to all our clients. If you commit to the program, we assure you that you'll achieve the results you desire!


$360 - Current Monthly Member 
$600 - No Current Monthly Membership
Contact us if you prefer private 1-on-1 training (alternate rates apply)


Unlimited Classes at Newport Boxfit.
Based on your schedule we will put together the best workout plan for you.

Nutrition Consultation.
1x 45-minute initial consultation with a registered dietitian. During your initial consultation appointment, we will go over your goals, anthropometrics, medical history, diet & physical activity.

Personalized Workout & Nutrition Plan.
Your dietitian will conduct a complete medical, dietary & physical activity assessment and work with you and your trainer at Newport Boxfit to set goals and create a personalized meal plan that is sustainable and takes into account your fitness & health goals.

Weekly Progress Reviews.
8 x 15 minute weekly follow-up appointments with your registered dietitian & trainer at Newport Boxfit. During your follow-up sessions, we will answer your questions, review your progress, amend your goals if necessary, provide you with resources to help achieve your goals, review your meal and workout plan and adjust accordingly. 

Unlimited email support

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