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This class is a 1 hour long full body workout that incorporates all the fundamentals of a boxer’s workout. You’ll do jump rope, shadow boxing, pad work, heavy bag work, plyometrics, abs and lots of heart pumping exercises in a fun and motivating environment. This is the ultimate workout!

Class Duration: 1 Hour



***Although not required, we suggest coming with a partner***  


Grab a partner and join us for BoxMitts. This is a 1 hour interactive boxing class solely based on mitt work. You and your partner will work together building back to back combinations over 12 rounds of mitt work. This class combines the technical element of boxing along with maximum fun and heart pumping action!

Class Duration: 1 Hour



This 60 minute class is a mega mash up of boxing and resistance work. Combine bag & pad work with weights to build muscle, torch calories and blast the entire body.

Class Duration: 1 Hour

GettyImages-1302956872 (Large).jpg
GettyImages-1302956872 (Large).jpg


This 60min class combines boxing technique with mobility and flexibility movements. In this class you will learn and practice various boxing skills then engage in exercises specifically designed to enhance your mobility and flexibility which are crucial for overall fitness and injury prevention. This class is perfect for individuals looking to improve their boxing skills while also enhancing their range of motion and overall physical fitness. 

Class Duration: 1 Hour


Kids Boxfit

(Ages 6-10 yrs & 11-15 yrs)


Join professional boxer Karen Dulin in this non- contact boxing class designed for kids. Karen has vast experience in the boxing world and also holds an AFFA certificate in both personal and group training. Most importantly, Karen is great at working with kids which is an art within itself! 


  1. Exercise - Boxing is proven to be one of the best forms of exercise around.

  2. Self Defense - Boxing will teach your child how to defend themself if needed.

  3. Stress Relief - Boxing gives kids a release and allows them to let out their frustrations in a positive way.

  4. Self Discipline - Boxing requires self discipline to both learn and execute the movements. 

  5. Hobby - Boxing is a fun, positive hobby that kids will enjoy.

  6. Confidence - Boxing builds character and will give your child the inner belief to become a champion!

Class Duration: 45 Minutes



This class combines PWR!Moves® Parkinson’s specific exercises and functional movements with classic boxing training to improve Parkinson’s Symptoms. Classes will offer large amplitude moderate intensity exercise and focus on posture, agility, balance, strength, and cardio training. People with Parkinson’s Disease who are able to walk independently, with or without an assistive device, are invited to take control of their PD symptoms with PWR!Moves® Boxing Fusion! 

Classes are lead by Kristin Matteson who is PWR!Moves® certified fitness trainer and Jesse Macrae from Newport Boxfit.

Class Duration: 45 Minutes

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