1 Hour

This class is a 1 hour long full body workout that incorporates all the fundamentals of a boxer’s workout. You’ll do jump rope, shadow boxing, pad work, heavy bag work, plyometrics, abs and lots of heart pumping exercises in a fun and motivating environment. This is the ultimate workout!

Outdoor BoxMitts

1 Hour

IMPORTANT: This class requires a partner and is entirely partnered mitt work. Please contact us before booking if you need assistance finding a partner for this class. 


Grab a partner and join us for Outdoor BoxMitts. The Class is every Friday 6.30am at Toppa Field. See Wix app for more location details.


This is a 1 hour interactive boxing class solely based on mitt work. You and your partner will work together building back to back combinations over 12 rounds of mitt work. This class combines the technical element of boxing along with maximum fun and heart pumping action!


Strength & Conditioning

45 Minutes

This 45 minute class combines both strength & power movements into a circuit format. Whether your goals are toning, muscle building or muscle performance, this all levels class has it all. Come with the mindset to work hard!



If knowing the correct technique is as important to you as having a heart pumping workout then this is the class for you! The benefits in boxing lie in good technique. This is true whether you're looking to improve as a competitive fighter or just looking to enhance your workout experience. In this class you'll do footwork drills, bag work, mitts and defensive drills all while getting the aerobic and anaerobic workout that boxing workouts provide. 

Intro to Boxfit (Every second Sunday)

1 Hour

If you're new to boxing and boxing fitness, or need to brush up on your skills for a better workout, this is the class for you. You'll learn basic boxing technique - from your stance, footwork, punches, how to hold pads, to throwing combinations on pads and a bag. You will finish out the class with some conditioning and ab work. Good technique gives a full body workout, prevents injury, and knowing what you're doing allows you to get the best workout possible!

L.A.B (Legs & Abs)

45 Minutes

This 45min class focuses on strengthening and toning the legs, glutes and core. We recommend not having any long walks planned in the days following this class


Kids Boxfit

(Ages 6-10 yrs & 11-15 yrs)

45 Minutes

Join professional boxer Karen Dulin in this non- contact boxing class designed for kids. Karen has vast experience in the boxing world and also holds an AFFA certificate in both personal and group training. Most importantly, Karen is great at working with kids which is an art within itself! 

What are the benefits of boxing for kids:

  1. Exercise - Boxing is one of the best forms of exercise out there.

  2. Self Defense - Boxing is a great form of self defense. Knowing how to protect yourself is never a bad thing.

  3. Stress Relief - Boxing will give kids a release and allow them to let out their frustrations in a positive way.

  4. Discipline - Boxing will teach kids both focus and discipline which is required to master all the movements. 

  5. Strength - Boxing will increase overall body strength.

  6. Hobby - Boxing is a fun, positive hobby that kids will enjoy.