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Kids (Ages 6-10 yrs) & Youth (11-15 yrs)


This 45min non-contact boxing class is designed for kids & youth. Learn the basics of boxing like - footwork, correct punching technique and defense. Whether you're here for exercise, learning a form of self defense, building confidence, or are looking to compete in the sport of boxing, this class is a great place to start and build those foundations.

Class Duration: 45 Minutes

Kids (6-10 yrs)
Monday 4:30pm

Youth (11-15 yes)
Tuesday 4:30pm
Thursday 4:30pm

10 Classes $60
5 Classes $40
1 Class $10


  1. Exercise - Boxing is proven to be one of the best forms of exercise around.

  2. Self Defense - Boxing will teach your child how to defend themself if needed.

  3. Stress Relief - Boxing gives kids a release and allows them to let out their frustrations in a positive way.

  4. Self Discipline - Boxing requires self discipline to both learn and execute the movements. 

  5. Hobby - Boxing is a fun, positive hobby that kids will enjoy.

  6. Confidence - Boxing builds character and will give your child the inner belief to become a champion!

We were honored to recive this regionigtion from the Boys and Girls Club for the work we do with them! It's great helping out in our community and seeing the benefits!

Boxfit Award.jpeg

"We love to bring the sport of boxing to the youth in the community. Check out the work we've done at both the Boys & Girls Club and Pell Elementary School."

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