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Can I try a class before I commit to a membership?

Yes, first class is free!


Do I need to sign up to attend my first class?

No sign up required. Just show up 10min early to allow time to fill out some paperwork.


Do I need to bring anything?

If you have your own gloves and wraps then bring them, if you don't, no problem we have gloves that you can use.


I've never boxed before, will I be able to do the classes?

Yes our classes benefit all levels of boxers. 90% of our clients have never stepped foot in a ring. 


Do you have a beginners class?

Yes, we have our Boxtech class which is designed to give you all the tools needed to workout in any of our classes. It takes place every Sunday at 10:30am and is a great way to get introduced to boxfit. MORE INFO 


I've heard your classes are hard and I'm just getting back into fitness/coming back from injury, will I be ok?

We pride ourselves on having one of the toughest workouts around however, all our classes cater to all fitness levels and we can modify any workout for individual needs. 


Can I bring my kids to do the class?

We have no age limit. Our clients range from 6yrs old to 70yrs old.


What are your rates and class times?

Please click on the classes tab to get both our schedule and our rates.


Do you do private training?

Yes we do for both individual and group training. Email us here to book a session.


I want to learn how to box, where should I start?

Whether you are looking to compete in boxing or just learn the art we recommend that you come along to anyone of our scheduled classes and we can discuss a plan in person to get you started.


I want to protect my hands, I have heard about hand wraps but not sure where to start?

Hand Wraps are a great idea! We sell them for $10 at the studio and are very useful. We have a video showing how you can wrap your hands and everything you need to know. CLICK HERE TO WATCH NOW

We do understand that boxing training can be intimidating to some people. We strongly recommend that you take the hardest step which is turning up and we are confident that after your first class you will be hooked! See you at class soon.

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