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Newport, RI, 1-on-1 client, Boxer​

I walked into Boxfit classes after competing in sports my entire life and, most recently, in long endurance races. Each sport exposed me to different workouts and coaching methods. I can confidently say a boxing workout is the HARDEST and most rewarding I have ever participated in. Jesse and Andrew make the classes fun, informative and, most importantly, worth every penny.


After getting my feet wet with the Boxfit classes, I tried my hand at amateur boxing. Jesse’s knowledge of the sport and commitment to his fighters is evident. He organized training sessions, sparring partners, exhibition fights and sanctioned 


amateur fights for ample experience. I was able to go undefeated in my (short) amateur career. Jesse was on top of all the details all the time. He was always available via phone or email. The training regiment was able to be catered around a busy work schedule and always kept me in competitive shape. I always felt more fit than my opponent which is key for confidence. Jesse kept things positive when they needed to be and serious when it was time to buckle down. He can read his fighters well.

Jesse used the Boxfit workouts and 1 on 1 workouts to develop my technique, skill and fitness. The Boxfit classes are some of the harder workouts I did at any gym. Each class is what you should expect training for a fight. Andrew and Jesse do a great job of keeping the classes fluid, allowing me to get out what I put in. I recommend the Boxfit class and 1 one 1 sessions to anyone who will give me their ear.  It brings your fitness and focus to another level. 

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