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Lisa Geraty

1-on-1 client


I recently had the pleasure of doing some boxing coaching with Jesse whist holidaying in Newport. I intended to train 1-2 times per week to maintain some fitness and boxing skills, but knew from the first training session that I had stumbled upon an exceptional trainer and coach who I could learn an enormous amount from - and so ended up doing an intensive two weeks of daily one-on-one training instead.

I have no doubt that I would also have found Jesse's Boxfit classes very challenging and very beneficial for my overall fitness. Had time allowed I would certainly have done these in addition to the individual training. My 6am training with Jesse was a highlight of every day. Every session was enjoyable, challenging, and rewarding. Jesse's instruction was always clear regarding technique and purpose - he  is an excellent instructor who puts real emphasis on perfect technique.

He was very intuitive in recognizing my goals and gave me the same dedication often reserved for elite athletes.In addition to the physical challenge and fitness benefits of my training with Jesse,  I left every session with something new to work on ... a further 'building-block' towards mastering and perfecting my skills and technique.

Jesse has extensive knowledge and personal experience  in all aspects of  fitness having trained and competed at an elite level himself in rugby and boxing.Jesse is by far one of the best and most genuine personal trainers I have met and trained with. I would dearly love to be able to train with him on a permanent basis - but alas Australia is just a bit too far away! I highly recommend Jesse for one-on-one training as someone who has the knowledge, experience, patience and dedication to help you reach your goals, whether you are a complete beginner or an elite fighter/sportsperson.








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