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Presented By Newport Boxfit & NPT HealthWorks

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What is it?

We have teamed up with the amazing folks over at NPT Healthworks to bring you a recovery clinic that starts on January 12th 2022 will run every Wednesday at 6:30pm for 8 weeks. This class is open to the public and is FREE!!


All attendees must book online through the Newport Boxfit Mobile App. If you are new to Boxfit simply click 'Get Started' below to sign up.

In this 45 minute class, the team from NPT Healthworks will take you through a series of full body stretches and foam rolling techniques to give your body the mobility and recovery it deserves.


As physical therapists, we see how impactful recovery is in reaching your full potential, but it is often neglected during or after a workout. During this 8 week series, we will teach you the importance of recovery, and some of the key components of a good program to keep you healthy.


High performance and optimal health relies on incorporating the right amount of recovery to any workout, and this class will provide you with all the tools you need to get to the next level.

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