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Beck Bennett

Newport, RI - ICON Boxing

I started training with Jesse about 3 years ago. I was interested in developing my boxing skills and fitness. In a few short months Jesse had me fit enough to fight in my first bout. I've gone on to fight in 3 bouts with great results. In committing myself to improving my boxing ability, I've lost 25 pounds and significantly improved my skill set...

Garrett Behan

Newport, RI - Boxer

I walked into Boxfit classes after competing in sports my entire life and, most recently, in long endurance races. Each sport exposed me to different workouts and coaching methods. I can confidently say a boxing workout is the HARDEST and most rewarding I have ever participated in. Jesse and Andrew make the classes fun, informative and. most importantly, worth every penny...

Bridid Behan

Newport RI - Gettysburg College Women's Soccer

I owe 99.9% of my success as a collegiate athlete to these training sessions with Jesse. I started Boxfit going into my junior year and I discovered a new potential in my overall athletic ability. In the first two years prior to training with Jesse I finished my fitness tests with average results, started three games total, and had a variety of muscle injuries. This all changed after my Boxfit workouts. In my junior year preseason I finished first in every fitness test, and I started all but one game throughout my junior year and senior year.....  

Alexander Zurn

Huntington Beach, CA (Reading Rockets Basketball)

I play professional basketball in England and had the good fortune of being trained by Jesse for a total of 8 weeks through the summer to the beginning of my preseason. During the 8 weeks, Jesse provided me and another athlete with 4 personal workouts per week and instructed us to come to his boxfit workouts at his gym, Newport Boxfit, on the other days...

Lisa Geraty

1-on-1 client

I recently had the pleasure of doing some boxing coaching with Jesse of Newport Boxfit whist holidaying in Newport. I intended to train 1-2 times per week to maintain some fitness and boxing skills, but knew from the first training session that I had stumbled upon an exceptional trainer and coach who I could learn an enormous amount from - and so ended up doing an intensive two weeks of daily one-on-one training instead. I have no doubt that I would also have found Jesse's Boxfit classes very challenging and very beneficial for my overall fitness...

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