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Jesse Macrae (Head Trainer)

Jesse brings years of athletic training and experience to his position as Head Trainer at Newport Boxfit. He began boxing in the late 90's in his native home of New Zealand; when he wasn’t throwing punches in the ring, he fine-tuned his athletic skills on the rugby pitch. Since 2006, he has traveled the world playing rugby and competing in amateur boxing matches. Both sports provided him with a number of training routines and drills that inspire his Boxfit workouts. He personally designs each class, building fun, interactive sequences that test boxers of any ability both physically and mentally. Jesse is a USA Boxing certified coach and an American Fitness Institute certified personal trainer. 


1-ON-1 Personal Training

Your health and fitness goals are personal, so your workout should be, too. For those who want to reap the best results and get in the best shape possible, our head trainer Jesse Macrae offers 1-on-1 training tailored to your interests and skill sets. A proven athlete in many sports, Jesse will help you reach and exceed your goals with diverse workouts that are always challenging but never boring. He also trains both novice and competitive boxers—so no matter your fitness level, Jesse will have you surprising yourself and others of what you’re physically and mentally capable of.


Ready to step up your game? Contact us to discuss training plans and pricing.

Small Group Sessions

Jesse also offers customized training plans for smalls groups, conditioning workouts for sports teams looking to cross-train, and unique team-building sessions for corporate clients. For a personalized plan, contact us here.


Client Testimonials



America's Cup Helmsman and Current Acting Helmsman for American Magic

I have done a number of boxing training sessions with Jesse and have found the combination of technique training, skills training, and a great emphasis on the aerobic training to be a fantastic workout session.  With the requirements on the Americas Cup boats to be able to think clearly and make numerous split second decisions when fatigued, makes the style of training that Jesse offers to be invaluable.


Middletown, RI - 1-on-1 client, boxer

I started training with Jesse about 3 years ago. I was interested in developing my boxing skills and fitness. In a few short months Jesse had me fit enough to fight in my first bout. I've gone on to fight in 3 bouts with great results. In committing myself to improving my boxing ability, I've lost 25 pounds and significantly improved my skill set...


Newport RI - Gettysburg College Women's Soccer

I owe 99.9% of my success as a collegiate athlete to these training sessions with Jesse. I started Boxfit going into my junior year and, as my coach will confirm, I discovered a new potential in my overall athletic ability. In the first two years prior to training with Jesse I finished my fitness tests with pretty average results, started three games total, and had a variety of muscle injuries...


Newport, RI - 1-on-1 client, boxer

I walked into Boxfit classes after competing in sports my entire life and, most recently, in long endurance races. Each sport exposed me to different workouts and coaching methods. I can confidently say a boxing workout is the HARDEST and most rewarding I have ever participated in. Jesse and Andrew make the classes fun, informative and, most importantly, worth every penny...



1-on-1 client

I recently had the pleasure of doing some boxing coaching with Jesse of Newport Boxfit whist holidaying in Newport. I intended to train 1-2 times per week to maintain some fitness and boxing skills, but knew from the first training session that I had stumbled upon an exceptional trainer and coach who I could learn an enormous amount from - and so ended up doing an intensive two weeks of daily one-on-one training instead...


1-on-1 client, boxer

​I started working with Jesse during my freshman year of college. I played baseball and trained everyday with weights and functional movements, then I took on 1-on-1 training at Newport Boxfit. It transformed my fitness, confidence and overall athletic ability...


Huntington Beach, CA (Reading Rockets Basketball)

I play professional basketball in England and had the good fortune of being trained by Jesse for a total of 8 weeks through the summer to the beginning of my preseason. During the 8 weeks, Jesse provided me and another athlete with 4 personal workouts per week and instructed us to come to his boxfit workouts at his gym, Newport Boxfit, on the other days...

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