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FALL NUTRITION - You can't Beet them!

Published By Nutrition with Kimberly & Newport Boxfit

Beets provide some impressive health benefits. They are low in calories and a great source of nutrients, including fiber, folate and vitamin C. Beets are packed with essential vitamins, minerals and plant compounds, some of which have medicinal properties and they are delicious and easy to add to your diet.

Why beets are good for you:

  1. Beets are loaded with vitamins and minerals and low in calories and fat, and a great source of nutrients, including fiber, folate and vitamin C.

  2. They also contain inorganic nitrates and pigments, both of which have a number of health benefits.

  3. Beets contain a high concentration of nitrates, which have a blood pressure-lowering effect.

  4. Eating beets may enhance athletic performance by improving oxygen use and time to exhaustion. To maximize their effects, beets should be consumed 2–3 hours prior to training or competing.

  5. Beets may have a number of anti-inflammatory effects.

  6. Beets are a good source of fiber, which is beneficial for digestive health.

  7. Beets contain nitrates, which may help increase blood flow to the brain, improve cognitive function and possibly reduce the risk of dementia.

  8. Beets have a high water and low calorie content. Both of these properties are beneficial for weight loss.

Here are some ways to add more beets to your diet:

  • Beet salad: Grated beets make a flavorful and colorful addition to coleslaw or salad.

  • Beet dip: Beets blended with Greek yogurt or Hummus and make a delicious and healthy dip.

  • Beet juice: Fresh beetroot juice is best, as store-bought juice can be high in added sugars and may only contain a small amount of beets.

  • Beet leaves: Beet leaves can be cooked and enjoyed like spinach, so don’t throw them out, place them on homemade pizzas, in frittatas, in with whole wheat pasta or mix in salads.



Use roasted beets in salads, on sandwiches or wraps, frittatas, served warm or cold, or even enjoy by themselves


  • 12 beets

  • 3 tablespoons EVOO

  • 1.5 teaspoons fresh thyme chopped

  • 2 teaspoons kosher salt

  • 1 teaspoon fresh black pepper

  • 2 tablespoons raspberry vinegar

  • Juice of 1 orange


  1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees

  2. Remove tops of beets (save for a salad)

  3. Wrap the beets in tin foil, they can be wrapped together in small bundles

  4. Roast beets in tin foil until the beets are tender

  5. Let beets cool slightly and remove tin foil, beet skin should be able to fall and peel off

  6. Slice beets toss with EVOO, salt, pepper, and thyme

  7. Place on a baking sheet, roast for about 35 minutes flipping one time with a spatula

  8. Remove from oven and toss with vinegar and orange juice

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