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Prepping For Fall Fury - What to eat before you perform!

Published By Nutrition with Kimberly & Newport Boxfit

24 Hours to 3 Hours Before Fight:

Heavy carb intake and handfuls of lean (make sure it’s LEAN) proteins with water and/or all natural/100% juice for re-hydration and glycogen replenishment at EACH meal, 6 small meals a day; it is important to have carbs every 3 hours or so to ensure your glycogen stores are filled.

Important to note; do not just “carb out” all day-this can leave you feeling sluggish and tired, write down, or set alarms for every 3 hours to eat, ALSO do not try any NEW foods (or exercises) before the fight.

Lean Proteins:

-white fish

-plain Greek yogurt


-skinless white meat chicken

-lean red beef, such as; sirloin, tenderloin, eye of round are all lean

-powdered peanut butter (must be powdered)


-egg whites

Heavy Carbs:

-sweet potatoes

-steel Cut oats





-kidney beans

-chick peas

-brown rice



-flour tortillas


-whole wheat pasta


Fight Day Nutrition:

3 Hours Before Fight:

Light snacks with high carbs will help top off glycogen stores and are easily digested;


-jam on bread/toast (white or wheat)




-rice pudding

Pre Bout:

30 minutes before bout- have a light snack such as berries or banana

10 minutes before bout- drink a high carb beverage, Gatorade Endurance is a good example or make a fruit smoothie out of fruit and water or all natural/100% juice (just pack and bring with you)

Suggestion: make some of those “post work out muffins” (from previous post) and eat a few with lots of fluids after the fight

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